Don’t Fall in the Inflated Ego Trap

I’ll admit whether I like it or not my ego is sometimes in control without me being aware of it. Everyday is full of challenges, and these hurdles can either be food to feed your ego (I am right- they’re wrong), or opportunity to grow (maybe they’re right?). I’d choose the latter, but we don’t always have a choice because the moment an issue arises we’re taking in new information so quickly there’s not enough time to stop and think. Is my ego in control? Continue reading Don’t Fall in the Inflated Ego Trap


Firing Up Positivity

The other day In the midst of work I had a stunning realization about the idea of positivity. I had imagine myself being more positive and consciously acting positive. Only reflecting on my experience now do I realize the full picture of how beneficial positivity can be in helping oneself and others. The moment I acted more positive I triggered a chain reaction of energy that spread to everyone I interacted with. I felt happier and this happiness awakened a plethora of emotions in me like joy, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, and interest. If it weren’t for the moment I decided … Continue reading Firing Up Positivity

Finding That Book

Mindfulness is a subject I had just learned, and was looking for ways to practice it. I figured a book store should have some practical guides and how-to books. Around that time I was going through a lot mentally. Stress from work and areas of my life were taking a heavy toll, accompanied by sadness and loss of hope. I was looking for a ladder to get me out of the hole I unknowingly dug myself in. I didn’t know because I had not discovered mindfulness. That ladder was the insight and practice of being in the moment. The book … Continue reading Finding That Book

Developing a Video Game Taught Me Work Ethic

When I was 18 I wanted to develop a video game on the computer. I went online, researched, and found a program I took the time to learn in and out. Little was I aware at that time I was learning about collaboration, utilizing tools, and work ethic. Of the three, work ethic ended up being the most valuable asset I learned, and it taught me a good few things about working on my hobbies as seriously as a job. Learning the program took about 2 weeks, and everyday I’d take a chunk of time to do this. Doing so taught me how to use my time … Continue reading Developing a Video Game Taught Me Work Ethic