What is The Boring Company? Elon Musk’s Tunnel Company

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla, is cooking up another high tech company called The Boring Company. The name is contradictory to what the company is actually set to build which is pretty wild, and literally groundbreaking. They’re devising a new mode of transportation that’s entirely underground, and we’re obviously not talking subways, but tunnels with electric sleds that can propel cars upwards of 130 mph. Why tunnels, and why now? Our current method of transportation is getting worse every day. Roads are getting more congested, especially in growing cities. Even with the emerging trend of ride sharing … Continue reading What is The Boring Company? Elon Musk’s Tunnel Company

Firing Up Positivity

The other day In the midst of work I had a stunning realization about the idea of positivity. I had imagine myself being more positive and consciously acting positive. Only reflecting on my experience now do I realize the full picture of how beneficial positivity can be in helping oneself and others. The moment I acted more positive I triggered a chain reaction of energy that spread to everyone I interacted with. I felt happier and this happiness awakened a plethora of emotions in me like joy, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, and interest. If it weren’t for the moment I decided … Continue reading Firing Up Positivity

8 Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Ransomware

In recent wake of the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks, I’ve put together a simple go-to list on ways to better protect your PC. Even if you have the best virus protection software, these steps will combat the numerous unusual ways malware can affect your machine. Never open malicious or “scammy” sounding emails. Attackers spend half their time coming up with authentic looking email messages, but you need to trust your gut and use common sense. If a message is from a random sender, name you don’t know, or just “off”, don’t open. These emails can contain links where the virus is … Continue reading 8 Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Ransomware

Alternative Energy Is a Luxury

Every time I stop at a gas pump to fill up my car I’m reminded why on Earth are we still dependent on gasoline? We got low carbon alternatives like solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, geothermal, and biomass, but of all these crude oil accounts for 90% of transportation fuel. The answer simply comes down to economics and politics. Nobody wants to pay higher cost to be environmentally friendly. The oil and gas industry makes up roughly 6% of total U.S. employment, so it’s also a social issue. Our country is so reliant on oil that it will take enormous influence … Continue reading Alternative Energy Is a Luxury

Finding That Book

Mindfulness is a subject I had just learned, and was looking for ways to practice it. I figured a book store should have some practical guides and how-to books. Around that time I was going through a lot mentally. Stress from work and areas of my life were taking a heavy toll, accompanied by sadness and loss of hope. I was looking for a ladder to get me out of the hole I unknowingly dug myself in. I didn’t know because I had not discovered mindfulness. That ladder was the insight and practice of being in the moment. The book … Continue reading Finding That Book