Firing Up Positivity

The other day In the midst of work I had a stunning realization about the idea of positivity. I had imagine myself being more positive and consciously acting positive. Only reflecting on my experience now do I realize the full picture of how beneficial positivity can be in helping oneself and others. The moment I acted more positive I triggered a chain reaction of energy that spread to everyone I interacted with. I felt happier and this happiness awakened a plethora of emotions in me like joy, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, and interest. If it weren’t for the moment I decided … Continue reading Firing Up Positivity

Developing a Video Game Taught Me Work Ethic

When I was 18 I wanted to develop a video game on the computer. I went online, researched, and found a program I took the time to learn in and out. Little was I aware at that time I was learning about collaboration, utilizing tools, and work ethic. Of the three, work ethic ended up being the most valuable asset I learned, and it taught me a good few things about working on my hobbies as seriously as a job. Learning the program took about 2 weeks, and everyday I’d take a chunk of time to do this. Doing so taught me how to use my time … Continue reading Developing a Video Game Taught Me Work Ethic