Trying to be Too Perfect

Obsessing over small details has always been a struggle for me when it comes to creating things. I’m often labeled as a “perfectionist”, and recently I’ve found that it can actually hurt productivity, increase anxiety and depression. After finding this out it has completely changed my world in the sense I’m trying to deviate away from being “perfect” all the time, to letting things just happen almost naturally. In fact, even as I write this post I’m having a hard time because any sentence I write I’m so locked in edit mode that I’m constantly analyzing and adjusting without making … Continue reading Trying to be Too Perfect

Being Too Self Critical?

After some years of pursuing art, music, writing, and other creative hobbies, I always find myself never capable of finishing a project the way I wanted to. If I do complete something, like a drawing for example, it’s just me losing interest and finally deciding to work on something else, when I still feel I could add a little shading here and some detail there, but it ends up taking too long and I start doubting it’ll turn out the way it should. If I had to guess, the three things always stopping me from completing anything is time, procrastination, … Continue reading Being Too Self Critical?